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Using Driver Inspector totally ensures you are using the most up to date drivers! Driver Inspector boasts an easy to use platform and an always up to date driver database. It makes it truly easy to keep everything up to date. Start by clicking the Free Scan button and you will soon be utilizing this powerful piece of software..

Start By Downloading The Free Scan...

After you click the download button, you will see a pop up window appear. Depending on what browser you are using, just simply follow the directions you are given:

  1. Internet Explorer users will see a pop up dialog appear that says "Security Warning". Here is an example below. This is totally normal, and our software is 100% safe and secure. Simply click Run and the software will begin the installation process.

    2. Firefox and Netscape users will be prompted to save the application "to disk"
    (it is highly recommended that you do actually save it to disk, specifically, to your desktop).

Once you select to save the file, store it on your desktop and then double click the icon to begin the installation process. Other users who choose not to save it, can click the "Run" button to begin. The program will install automatically.

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